Lion's Heart Torchbearer Award

Torchbearer Service Requirements

Complete 100 hours of community service in

4-5 of the following categories. The 100 hours begin accumulating your freshman year. Hours must be evenly distributed between each category. 


For Example: If you choose 4 categories, you should complete 25 hours in each area. 5 categories means 20 hours in each area.


*If you are currently a high schooler, you only need to complete 100 total hours while in Lion’s Heart.

Community Service Categories 

Human Service

Feeding the hungry, provide job training,

housing the homeless, disaster relief, community development, youth programs, etc.


Ranges from recycling programs to wetland management or garden clubs


Caring for animals in any capacity including humane societies, wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, or animal training nonprofits

Arts & Culture

Bringing the performing arts to the public with art museums, historical societies, theatrical venues or charities, to broadcasting services


Promoting learning and intellectual development from preschools to adult learning programs. 


Focusing efforts outside U.S. borders through development relief, human rights, peace & security, or international understanding


Religious organizations for the world’s major religions, and religious print & broadcast nonprofits, and interfaith issues


Covering a broad range of organizations concerned with the body or mind such as hospitals, substance abuse and additional treatment programs, diseases and disease research, and mental health services

History of the Torchbearer Award

The Lion’s Heart Torchbearer Award® is in honor and in memory of Ken Corwin, our founder’s late father-in-law. 


The following are just a few of the many organizations that he was involved with as a community volunteer: Red Cross, the Rotary Club, the YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce, the Redlands Educational Partnership Foundation, and the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation.


In 1996, in recognition of his lifelong dedication to community service, Mr. Corwin was honored to run with the Olympic Torch for the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. This experience led to the naming of the Lion’s Heart Torchbearer Award®. 


We hope all Lion’s Heart members will be inspired by his example of years of dedicated community service, and pursue this award named in his honor.


Rules and Restrictions

1. There are no required minimum hours for a project, you have already completed the 100 service hours in 4-5 categories. 


2. Routine labor is not appropriate for a project. This might be defined as a job or service you may provide as part of your daily life, or a routine maintenance job normally done by the beneficiary (for example, mowing the lawns in your neighborhood.)


3. While projects may not be for a for-profit business, this is not meant to disallow work for community institutions, such as museums and service agencies (like homes for the elderly). 


4. A project may not be a fundraiser! Lion’s Heart does not require fundraising to be a member, so your project may not be an effort that primarily collects money, even for a worthy charity. 


5. No more than one Lion’s Heart member may receive credit for working on the same Torchbearer service project.


*If you have questions, be sure to check with Lion’s Heart staff before starting your proposal.

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